0 native state biodynamic workshop & symposium A MISSION Native State is a workshop focused on connecting farmers, gardeners, ranchers, and general stewards of the land to biodynamic theory. The Native State is an infinite journey with no end destination. A dance of harmony and resonance with Nature. An allegory, a celebration, a marriage of man and land. B TOPICS Intro The history of biodynamic agriculture, it's founding, and basic information on the subject Literature The driving content behind biodynamic theory and scientific research done on the subject Standard The preparations implored in biodynamic agriculture in tandem to natural rhythms of nature ABOUT What is biodynamy? Biodynamic agriculture was founded in Europe due to a series of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. These lectures were the answer farmer's concerns in regards to infertility in cows, seeds, and the soil. Steiner professed that each farm is a unique organism onto itself, yet all are guided universal laws. O ﷯ sponsored by ﷯

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